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The Company

KAKE DANCE recently founded by Katherine (KK) Mayo is a modern dance company indulging in the artistic and expressive world of dance through stage work and film. ​The mission of the company is to showcase its creative style of grounded movements while provoking thought from the audience and creating a journey. As a form of communication, dance can be used for many purposes such as release, escapism, or a showcase of ideas. KAKE strives to encompass those moments of found honesty within their work as a means to express them to the world. We all are beings wanting to be understood and sharing that is what will help us grow as individuals and as a community.


"KAKE's movement is varied in its nature based on the specific emotion or event we are trying to evoke in the work and how we determine going about evoking that particular event. How I often discover which emotion or event I would like to explore is usually through pop culture such as music or movies or simply watching people interact. I feel as humans we have very reactive souls and I often become so immersed in inspiring music, films or concepts that my improvisations and reactions then become my choreography."

                                                     -- KK Mayo, Artistic Director

KaKe Dance Rooftop

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body."

                                                     -- Martha Graham

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