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A Piece Of KAKE

A Piece of KAKE first premiered in September 2015 and was a full length show comprised of various works created by Artistic Director KK Mayo with a collaboration on a piece with Caitlin Brady. Over the course of the next few years we have wanted to branch out and offer a platform for other artists to showcase their works alongside us. This has led us to our second self-produced show and our first every artist showcase, A Piece of KAKE. 

Application Process
Applications for 2018 have closed. 
2018 Artist Selection:
Friday, February 16th @ 7pm
looseKANON dance company 
Akane & Yu 
Amanda Reichert
Saturday, February 17th @ 7pm
Touche Taps
ChloeIsaBow + Co
Ashley Yehoda & Lillian Joergensen
A Piece of KAKE 2018
Each show will kick off with a premiere of KAKE's new dance film directed by the talented Abby Brenker. After the film premiere each night a set of four guest artists will perform amazing work hand selected by our KAKE DANCE Team. Following intermission will be the premiere of KAKE's new work entitled Recalibration. It's a jam packed show filled with a variety of work sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss out, order your tickets today!
CPR-Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Ave,
Brooklyn NY
February 16th & 17th @ 7pm
Tickets can be purchased HERE!
Each show followed by a short reception.
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